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REVIEW OF: Matt Monarch & Angela Stokes-Monarch

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Quote from website : “There is NO need to live with illness, depression, obesity or other degenerative diseases.” 1

I had the privilege of meeting and listening to Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes-Monarch, and was amazed at the power and energy in the room when these two speak.  For over four (4) hours, these two powerhouses in the raw food lifestyle treated about twenty (20) others and me to a night of education, encouragement and excitement. 

Matt, an author, educator and businessman has been eating raw for about 11 years now, while his new bride of 4 months has been completely raw for about five (5) years and partially raw prior to that for about two (2) years. Angela, originally from the UK was morbidly obese at 300 pounds, and overcame that affliction by going raw and changing her entire lifestyle.  As a result, she has also changed her entire outlook on life, as well as that of others with her encouraging story.

The audience sat engrossed and listened to every word as Matt described whether eating a raw diet was the way we should be heading.  He discussed overcoming health challenges, why certain diets don’t work, the difficulty that arise while on a raw diet as well as the benefits of the raw diet, juicing and colonics.  At times, the interested guests were mystified at his ability to make a complex discussion elementary for the beginner, and yet able to share some of the more advanced scientific evidence at the same time. 

After over an hour and a half of listening to Matt, Angela took center stage and told her story of going from a 300 pound, morbidly obese young woman to the lovely, svelte figure we saw in front of us.  She discussed healthy, rapid weight loss, how to break overeating patterns, how to balance detox with slimming, taking care of your body naturally and addressed some of the underlying issues that cause obesity and poor eating habits.  She spent an extended period, sharing her recent 92-day juice feasting experience.

After the talks, we were allowed to browse their tables of books, foods, spices, seasonings, snacks, and products for the beginner to the advanced raw vegan.  Their products, the same as sold on their website, were available without shipping costs, and we were able to take home many wonderful things to help with our raw food quest.  Both Matt and Angela made themselves available to answer questions, take photographs, and explain how each product can be used to the betterment of the user.  I walked out with a huge bag of food and other products, many of which I had never tried before.  I was able to buy several books, including Angela’s book, A Juice Feaster’s Handbook.   I look forward to putting the book into practice in the very near future.

Everyone was encouraged to sign up for his or her mailing list.  They both send out bi-weekly newsletters, and they produce a “television” show on for their viewing audience.  This critic was honored to be a guest on that evening’s episode. 

If you ever get a chance to hear these two, do not miss it.  They tour the world speaking about their passion.  The price was actually too cheap for what we received.  The information alone was worth hundreds of dollars, and for a $15 charge, we were well compensated. 

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