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REVIEW OF:Killing Yourself With Your Fork

A Book By: Frank Maloney 

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Frank Maloney



Let’s face it, there is not much new that can be said in the health and nutrition industry that has not already been said.  There are new ideas coming out daily, and most of these ideas are simply new twists on the old ideas.  However, every-once-in-a-while, an author uses a new twist, a unique spin, or a revolutionary idea, to help us get the message, and get it clearly.  You could go out and buy a dozen books to amass the accumulated knowledge on nutrition, health and weight loss, or you can find that one book that uses some common sense ideas, along with scientific facts.  For me, Killing Yourself With Your Fork is that book.  So, when I say that there is very little new in this book, it is not a disparity, but instead a statement of fact.  This book takes the ideas and thoughts I have heard for years, and compiles them into a must read edition that will help you separate the fact from the fiction, and direct you toward a healthier lifestyle.  Put down your fork, close your mouth, and open your eyes and mind to a compendium of thoughts about taking this mass of flesh and bones we call our body, and get it into better shape.

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Frank Maloney, the author, who has his MBA in Strategy, uses all of his strategic knowledge to weave a pathway around what Americans are doing with their forks.  By combining the basic principles of nutrition, with the more complex scientific reasons for how our bodies react to certain foods, Frank has written a detailed analysis of what he calls the “8 Health Diamonds.”  These diamonds include breathing & lymphasizing, living water & foods, essential oils, alkalinity, aerobic energy, peak nutrition, alignment/power and mindset.  By taking each of these diamonds in detail, he is able to show us a proper diet and lifestyle, while at the same time, debunking popular myths.

In the very beginning of the book, Frank outlines his objectives for us, the readers.  The first objective truly summarizes the intention of his writings by saying “Show you all the benefits (financial, personal, social) that huge vital energy bring you.”  Having said that, he goes on to develop his theme of good nutrition, development of vital energy and keeping a healthy environment all around us.

I am impressed that he spends a few minutes in the book trying to help the reader understand that so much of what we “know” about diet and nutrition is not correct, and yet these beliefs have become a common part of our culture.  For instance, “we need to eat meat/dairy to get protein” and “vegetarians are weak and lack protein,” is a very popular and widely held belief.   On a daily basis, a friend or new acquaintance will confront me about my decision to be a vegan.  My own physician was concerned about my decision to become a raw vegan because he did not believe that I would be getting enough protein in my diet.  Frank helps to explain why these myths are not credible, and how much healthier you can be by changing some of these misguided beliefs.

Starting with basic cell biology, and working up to more complex issues such as the workings of the circulatory system and Koch’s postulates, Frank fully informs his reader about the body and how it reacts to certain stimuli, one of which is food.  Along with covering these principles, he also has Key Health Tips throughout the book. Key Health Tip #5 is a great example of how useful these tips can be.  “When healthy, the human body has no chance of being ‘invaded’ or ‘attacked’ by viruses, bacteria or other living pathogens.  The body’s natural defenses are just too strong!”  Each of these forty (40) health tips are placed in appropriate positions in the book, and help give the reader a better understanding of the concepts he is espousing. 

Along with the Key Health Tips, we are also introduced to many appropriate quotes throughout the book.  These quotes are from many sources.  My favorite is towards the end of the book.  Frank quotes a Native American Proverb,  “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it.”  How true is this?  This quote, as part of the “Healthy Physical Environment Outside Your Body,” is a summary of the entire section.  Many people, in many health conscious movements, are very concerned about what goes into their bodies, but tend to forget that what is around the body is just as important.  Frank talks about cosmetics, chlorine, cleaning products, dry cleaning chemicals, commercial beverages and the air we breathe.  So many people do not think about the chemicals used by the dry cleaners and how these chemicals partially stay in the fabrics of the clothes that are touching our bodies.  The author is able to introduce us to ideas that will help us protect our bodies from the assault of the chemical world around us.

As a raw food critic, I promote a healthier lifestyle by eating raw and vegan.  Frank does not promote a strictly raw/vegan diet, but I was pleased to see that his food pyramid reads as follows: 70% live foods (raw/vegan), 10% plant based proteins or fish, 10% carbohydrates and 10% quality oils.  Using this formula, a person’s animal intake would be no more than 10% of their diet.  Although I would encourage you to eliminate the animal products, I am glad to see that he is not encouraging people to eat all forms of animals or animal products.  Along with this enlightened pyramid, Frank also encourages proper food combining, a large consumption of water, eating in a relaxed state and taking supplements, including wheatgrass, digestive enzymes, periodic cleansing and specific supplements.

Overall, this book can be considered a basic guideline to a healthy lifestyle.  Whether you are overweight or need to get in better physical shape, this is a book for you. Whether you are sixty years old or in your early twenties, this is a book for you.  Whether you have a degenerative disease, or whether you want to keep your body healthy, this is a book for you.  Whatever your age, whatever your physical condition, or whatever you needs in life with regards to your body, I encourage you to consider this book for your body’s sake. 

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